SourceAbled is an inclusive hiring program for people with unique abilities. It utilizes technology in conjunction with subject matter expertise to qualify and hire uniquely-abled individuals for sustainable and rewarding careers.

Once you register as a support providers for SourceAbled, you will have access to tools that will enable you to:
1) See a list of open positions with different hiring partners of SourceAbled
2) Create your job-seeking clients’ profiles
3) Submit your clients’ resumes
4) Track the status of each job application
5) Schedule and document interviews
6) Create to-dos and follow through with clients on daily activities

93% of companies employ an average of 3.2% individuals with disabilities. Fortune 1000 companies have recognized that individuals with unique abilities, who have the skills and traits that typically-abled individuals lack, add value to the bottom line and create a culture that is more desirable to work in. Given these facts, corporations are setting their diversity and inclusion target at 7%, which is a market of $10.26B in the US. Additionally, a study by the Public Relations Institute says 47% millennials want to work at a socially responsible company. Despite the best intentions, companies are unable to meet their hiring targets, and SourceAbled is the solution to bridge the gaps that exist between employers and uniquely-abled job seekers. SourceAbled leverages the latest technology, expertise from the staffing industry, and strong ties to the disability community to provide an integrated scalable solution for awareness training, hiring, and sustaining disability inclusion programs. SourceAbled helps organizations build a meaningful culture, better brand, and better business outcomes through innovation. SourceAbled’s mission is to deliver a collaborative workforce development program to corporations utilizing an HRTech platform for cross-industry collaboration between the staffing industry and suppliers (disability support agencies). SourceAbled is nimble enough to adopt and manage a variety of hiring models like permanent, contingent, and the growing freelance gig market.